It's A Record
Ahhh still fan girling

Ah. Idk what to expect for first practice. But I know I’m ready for it. Ready for this journey with this new dance family. This keeps me going to do everything in life better in not just dance, but also in school and work. I definitely want/need this. Cheers to a new dance family. Gonna be a crazy ride:)

God is good

Damn rough week. But fuck,

Believe in prayer.

I made CG :) ahhhh


This week has been so rough, midterms, and waiting for the final roster for CG which comes out tomorrow night. Ughhh I had anxiety all night. And waiting on this new part time job is stressful . Gahhhh.

Just need to breathe, and believe. With God’s hands, I can do it and guide through.

Believe. Need to start doubting myself.


Interview went pretty well. I honestly just tried to showcase myself and give 100% heart. But now just the waiting game. Friday night will determine fate. Sounds super dramatic, but man I really really want this. I am praying the coords saw how much I really want this…ahhh. What a learning experience….I learned something in this interview and this past week, just stay true to yourself and take risks. I gained something out of each team I’ve been on and I’m hoping to gain a new journey and family. Eager to grow, really really hungry for it. I’ve never been so hungry for this team spot until now, realized how much this is important to me.


Omggg it’s hitting me

I’m on my way to CG interviews. This whole week was a challenge, auditions were a challenge. And now it’s finally here, the interview process. I’m so freakin blessed to have made it this far. So close, so fucking close. Tomorrow I’ll find out if I made the dream team or not. I’m so nervous. But I know I just have to stay true to myself, and to my heart. This is where it all lies. Whatever happens, happens. I do not regret auditioning at all. I gained a lot out of this. This just makes me more hungrier and hungrier to do better. Ahhhh. Wish me luck.


So CG auditions are this Sunday. Contemplating whether I should try out again, I decided to go with it. This year has so much talent and it is pretty intimidating to me. But honestly, that shouldn’t scare me. It should keep me pumped for the upcoming audition. The two pieces are definitely a challenge, but in the end, I know I can do it. I’ve been reflecting my past audition with CG and I was beginning to doubt myself again. But after these two years, I can honestly say I’ve grown. I’ve learned a lot about the collegiate scene and BMod and other teams did help me a lot which i am thankful for. I just really wanna showcase who I am on Sunday and just try my best. During this whole audition process, I just kept telling myself to never doubt and just believe. I know I can do it. Yes I know there are obstacles but I still need to push. No regrets for this Sunday. I want this so bad. Round 2! I think I’m ready for it. Whether I make it or not,this is a whole learning process and I can say I’ll gain something from it in the end.