It's A Record

Tryout season. Again. Nothing to lose but hopefully to gain. Round 2 coming soon. 

Haven’t used this for awhile, but now seems like a perfect time

Update: The transition into CSUN has been quite a ride. It has been only three days, and I feel like I have been falling in love with this school (as corny as it sounds). Over this week I have been able to just adjust to my surroundings and area, as any other transfer student would. Class professors seem great and work load is not bad just yet. I met so many new people already. I do not necessarily feel “lonely”, although I do need some alone time which is nice. My first day was a bit annoying I got to admit. Parking was a beach which I figured but the sucky part is my car stopped out of nowhere on the fourth floor of parking, which there was still traffic. Luckily my cousin was with me, it only died for a good 2 minutes he just wiggled the wires then I restarted. I have a fear of parking now. Ah. Going home this weekend to see whats up with it, the blinker acted funky today too. Ugh. Move in day is next week. Been staying with my cousins, pretty chill. My bro is here too to sleepover for school and he is taking us to school tomorrow since us three have class at 11am, so i do not need to worry about parking LOL. i do miss home at times already but ill get used to it. but cant believe this is it already, transferring was a hard process but im glad where im at now. going to start looking for jobs on campus and might joing the asb there. Ah. pretty exciting though. I wanna move into my apartment already i keep spending too much on campus hhaha. Once I am settled next week everything will fall into place. I am soooo close to finishing my undergrad hopefully by next year. Ill pray. Sorry my proper typing is on and off im so lazy to capitalize and shizzz. lol. last  full day tomorrow then working labor day weekend -__-, need the money though. gnight.

Life is fucked. Can’t deal with myself and the bullshit around me.
life is gr8

school is going really well! grades are good, test scores have been awesome, family is great, work is great, tennis is great, and the new exhibition team im on is great!

prototypes is definitely a challenge, since its only once a week everything is down to the wire. the styles are out of my comfort zone, but its definitely good training for me. first practice went swell. everyone was really welcoming and coords are super fun. they made me wanna strive for more. i loved it. even though dancing competitively is out of the picture this year, dancing for fun and for the joy of it without the stress of competing is what i wished for to end this year before i transfer. my only competition right now is with myself, if i am willing to dedicate my time to this, put in 200% of my effort every practice once a week, and prove to myself that i can do something new. it is going to be a challenge but i accept :) this training can help me for fall season because i do want to get back into my competitive side when i transfer. that’s my goal. dancing is not going to be here forever, but it will in my heart. trying to make the best of it right now. i am so blessed that dance has opened up opportunity for me these past 7 1/2 years of dancing. thanks coach b. can’t stop, won’t stop.

on a side note, still do not know where im transferring. deciding between csun, csula, cal poly pomona :O oh decisions. damn its already march, 2 more months then im done at community college! might take summer school though for my behavioral sciences to complete and some urban studies pre-reqs xD


Haven’t been this nervous for an audition in so long. Ah. I forgot the feeling. What will I expect? Starting fresh? Will I fit in? I just want to do well and give it my all. I hate but love the feeling at the same time.